White hand flares ФБ, ФБО

White hand flare ФБ, ФБО — a hand-held pyrotechnic device designed to supply a light signal for attention, both at night and in the daytime.


White hand flare ФБО comply with the requirements of:

— SOLAS Convention 74/96;

— International Code on Rescue Means (Code LSA);

— Regulations of Russian Registry of Shipping;

— Regulations of Russian River Register;

— Standards and Recommended Practices for Safety of Marine Transport;

— Standards and Recommended Practices for Safety of Russian River Transport.


White hand flare ФБ have passed State Tests performed by Ministry of Defense Acceptance Committee and are approved for completing Russian Navy ships.

Light intensity, Cd, not less 10 000
Fire interval, min, not less 20
Время задержки срабатывания 3±1 сек.
Overall dimensions, mm ø38×220
Weight, kg, not over 0,29
Service life, years

hand flare ФК

hand flare ФКО




Probability of faultless operation, not less 0,9
Hazard class to GOST R 51270 II