Life buoys KC-01, KC-02

Life buoys KC-01, KC-02 are used to hold a person afloat, they are intended for compulsory completion of river and marine fleet ships, small size vessels, shore posts and ferries of all types and purposes.

Life buoys KC-01, KC-02 comply with the requirements of:

— SOLAS Convention 74/96;

— International Code on Rescue Means (Code LSA);

— Regulations of Russian Registry of Shipping;

— Regulations of Russian River Register;

— -Standards and Recommended Practices for Safety of Marine Transport;

— -Standards and Recommended Practices for Safety of Russian River Transport;

Life buoys KC-01, KC-02 have passed State Tests performed by the Acceptance Committee of the Ministry of Defense and are approved for completing Russian Navy ships.








In 2007 the product was awarded with gold medal “Quality Mark of XXI Century”






Awarded with regional quality mark

“Vladimir Brand” in 2002



Shell material

HPPE state standard GOST 16337-77

Shell color


Filler material

Rigid foam polyurethane

Cat’s eye strip material

Tape scotch lit 3M™ series 3150-А

OD, mm


ID, mm


Hand rope material

Polyamide with rigid core

Hand rope diameter, mm. not less


Weight of KC-01, kg


Weight of KC-01, kg


Service life, years