Life buoys KC-01, KC-02

Life buoys KC-01, KC-02 are used to hold a person afloat, they are intended for compulsory completion of river and marine fleet ships, small size vessels, shore posts and ferries of all types and purposes.


Life buoys KC-01, KC-02 comply with the requirements of:

— SOLAS Convention 74/96;

— International Code on Rescue Means (Code LSA);

— Regulations of Russian Registry of Shipping;

— Regulations of Russian River Register;

— Standards and Recommended Practices for Safety of Marine Transport;

— Standards and Recommended Practices for Safety of Russian River Transport;

Life buoys KC-01, KC-02 have passed State Tests performed by the Acceptance Committee of the Ministry of Defense and are approved for completing Russian Navy ships.



Shell material HPPE state standard GOST 16337-77
Shell color Orange
Filler material Rigid foam polyurethane
Cat’s eye strip material Tape scotch lit 3M™ series 3150-А
OD, mm 700±10
ID, mm 430+10
Hand rope material Polyamide with rigid core
Hand rope diameter, mm, not less 9,5
Weight of KC-01, kg 2,7
Weight of KC-02, kg 4,3
Service life, years 10