Pyro capsules

Pyro capsules (simulators of rifle-attached rounds) of State Standard ТУ 7275-001-91016892-11

(simulating damaging pyro grenade ГП-1)

Entertainment articles are to be used in field meets at specially prepared sites as simulators of hand fragmentation and smoke grenades for commercially available rifle-attached grenade launcher for air and electrically driven air guns. The grenade is intended for simulation of shot from rifle-attached grenade launcher with subsequent pyro effect.

The grenade is made of safe foamed polyurethane and is a rotary cylindrical body with cone fairing. The body has rifles to ensure grenade steadiness in flight due to rotation. ГП-1 grenade is equipped with pyro element, retarder assy and simulating 6mm-dia plastic balls. The grenade is launched from the launcher by compressed air. The grenade is initiated 3 seconds after shot.



—        Overall dimensions: 95×37.5 mm

—        Grenade weight: 26 g.

—        Acoustic emission: 140 dB

—        Retardation interval: 2.5 s

—        ГП-1 load: 6mm-dia plastic balls

—        Maximum range: 90 meters

—        Hazard class III in compliance with TP TC 006/2011



Safety precautions in handling pyro articles

for field meets

1.  Pyro articles for field meets are used at specially equipped sites, remote from residential and crowded areas.

2.  Prior to use, make sure that there are no people within the expected dangerous radius, apart from participants of field meet provided with individual protection means.

3.  After removal from the package, grenades may be carried to the place of use in special ammunition carrier only providing grenade integrity and protection against spontaneous operation.

4.  Do not:

— use the articles without special individual protection means for head and eyes.

— use the articles without hand protection means, particularly palms and fingers (tactical gloves fully protecting open skin areas),

— grab or attempt to throw away activated grenade (without safety pin and ring),

— use the article without assuring safety to health and property of people around.

— hold grenade in hand longer then required for throwing after pulling out the igniter ring.

— use the articles without reading of instructions.

5.   It is prohibited to

— disassemble, update or reload grenade; misuse it.

— use article with expired shelf life and obvious indications of damages.