Pyro capsules

Pyro capsules (simulators of rifle-attached rounds) of State Standard ТУ 7275-001-91016892-11 (simulating damaging pyro grenade ГП-1)
Pyrotechnical imitation hand grenades

State Standard ТУ 7275-002-91016892-11 (grenade for paintball R2B, grenade for Strikeball R2Bs) Entertainment articles are to be used in field meets at specially prepared sites as simulators of hand fragmentation and…
Primers for cartridges of service, sportive & hunting arms

JSC «Murom Apparatus Producing plant» is the largest manufacturer of primers for ammunition to the service, sports and hunting weapons. We produce all kinds of caps such as «Berdan»…

Signal and rescue facilities

Red hand flare ФК, ФКО and white hand flare ФБ, ФБО

Red hand flare ФК, ФКО White hand flare ФБ, ФБО Red hand flares ФК, ФКО serve to signal SOS on water surface. White hand flares ФБ, ФБO serve to send…
Light-and-smoke buoys БСД-02М, БСД-02Мсд

Light-and-smoke buoys БСД-02М, БСД-02Мсд Light-and-smoke buoys БСД-02М, БСД-02Мсдare used for light and smoke designation of overboard life buoy day and night in the sea climate conditions. Light-and-smoke buoys БСД-02М, БСД-02Мсд comply…
Life buoys KC-01, KC-02

Life buoys KC-01, KC-02 are used to hold a person afloat, they are intended for compulsory completion of river and marine fleet ships, small size vessels, shore posts and…
Floating life ring КСП-01, КСП-02

  Floating life ring КСП-01, КСП-02 is intended for helping a person who has fallen into water or ice-hole by its towing to the boat, yacht, powerboat or other life…
Self-igniting fire OC-01

  Self-igniting fire OC-01 serves to designate a life buoy by light on water surface at night. Self-igniting fire OC-01 complies with the following requirements: — SOLAS Convention 74/96; — International Code on…
Buoyant smoke signal ШДП-01

  Buoyant smoke signal ШДП-01 serves to signal SOS in daylight hours on water surface.   Buoyant smoke signal ШДП-01 complies with the following requirements — SOLAS Convention 74/96; — International Code on Rescue…

The initiation facilities for the fire-fighting system

Starting devices for automatic fire-fighting station actuators

Electric starting device УП-3, УП-3-1, УП-3-2; Electric starting device УП-3М; Starting element ЭП-3; Gas generating element starting ПП-3СП
Opening tools for locking devices

Starting device ПУО-2; Starting device ПУО-2М; Valve opening device УВК; Gas-generating device УГ- КШ; Gas-generating tablet Т- КШ; Gas-generating device УГ-150; Pneumatic initiator ПИ-2М
Pushers to move actuating devices

Pusher ПТ-2; Pusher ПТ-5; Pusher ПТ-12, ПТ-12М, ПТ-12МР; Starting device УП-А, УП-Ар
Devices to ignite powder fire-extinguisher ejection charges

Electric activator ЭА-1; Starting device of fire-extinguisher УЗО; Self-starting device УЗО-2С; Self-starting device for transport УЗО-2СT; Starting device of fire-extinguisher thermostable УЗО-Т; Starting device of fire-extinguisher thermostable transport УЗО-ТT; Starting device of fire-extinguisher two-bridge thermostable…
Devices for aerosol-forming charge ignition

Pyrocartridge ПП-22М; Two-bridge improved pyrocartridge УДП2-1Б; Antihail pyrocartridge ПГПП; Heat-resistant electric initiator ЭИ-2Т; Starting element ЭП-ПГ; Thermochemical element ЭТХ-1; Activator ОДА; Manual release unit УРП; Manual release unit УРП-Т; Combined release unit УКП-1 Ignition node УАП; Thermocouple generator «Пурга-ТЭ-П1»
Devices for light and pyrotechnical products ignition

Electric spark igniter ЭВФ-1; Electric spark igniter ЭВФ-11; Tape element ЭЛ-20; Electric spark igniter МФ-1  
Fire-extinguishing elements

Fire-extinguishing elements ЭП АПИС 28,5/0-60; ЭП АПИС 28,5/15-25; ЭП АПИС 55/14,5-42,5; ЭП АПИС 24,5/7-2; Afterburner cartridge ОДА.2М.00.001; Makeup cartridge ОДА.2М.00.002; Gas-generating element ЭГ 18/0-20