Murom Apparatus Producing Plant JSC Celebrates its 75th Anniversary!

    DSC_0344 The celebration dedicated to the 75th anniversary of our Murom Apparatus Producing Plant, awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor, took place on November 2 in the conference hall of the Company. This event became a great day to celebrate for all generations of staff, all those who built the reputation of the plant through years of selfless service, strengthening the defense capacity of our great country, keeping the time-honored work traditions, overcoming the difficulties and firmly believing in the bright future of their enterprise.


     The celebration was off to a good start with a film about the past, the present and the future of the enterprise, created by Muromsky Meridian TV Company. The film showed documentary chronicle of MAPP’s early years, with inserts of interviews of various Plant workers about the people and events of different years. Top managers and heads of production subdivisions of the company talked in their interviews about the achievements and plans of the team celebrating the 75th anniversary.


     The show was interspaced with music signals of short news reels “Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow,” dedicated to the anniversary. The show was hosted by two young plant employees: S. Belyaeva and V. Kovalenko.


     Yesterday refers to a factory with just two — pyrotechnic and capsule — shops. Yesterday reminds us of heroic efforts of managers, engineers, technical specialists and workers who set up military production at the time of war within a very short period of time. After the war, the same people did everything they could to allow the plant to become the leader of Russia’s defense industry.


     Today refers to advanced technical equipment, new technologies, stability and skilled personnel.


     Tomorrow refers to the work being done for the welfare of Russia. Undoubtedly, in 10, 20 or 50 years the team of Murom Apparatus Producing Plant will be celebrating the plant’s anniversaries.


     General Director V.G. Dzhangiryan was the first to congratulate his colleagues and veterans of the enterprise on the memorable event. He expressed great gratitude for the effort being put forth by the entire team of the Plant, to veterans, to managers who headed the MAPP in various years and wished everybody furthered success and prosperity. The Chairwoman of the Plant’s Trade Union Organization M. V. Bulkina also offered her warm congratulations to the Plant personnel.


     Participants in the show and guests of honor had very many nice words to say to the team of the Plant. Congratulations to the team of Murom Apparatus Producing Plant on its 75th anniversary were delivered by head of the representative office of Rostech State Corporation in Vladimir Region V.H-M. Merdenov; Deputy General Director of Scientific-Production Concern Techmash, Chairman of Board of MAPP N.P. Semenenko; veterans of ammunition and special chemistry industry sector V.N. Kiselyov; N.A. Shakhov and Y.M. Dmitriev, First Deputy Governor of Vladimir Region A.V. Konyshev, Chairman of the Legislative Assembly of the Region V.N. Kiselyov, Chairman of the Central Committee of the All-Russia Trade Union of Defense Industry A.I. Chekmenyov, Chairman of the Vladimir Region Defense Industry Trade Union Organization A.M. Kabakov, Head of Murom District E.E. Rychkov, Chairman of the City Council of People’s Deputies K.G. Fedurin, Deputy Chairman of the District Board of Directors N.V. Chaykovskaya, as well as the top managers of leading companies of the country’s defense industry.


     During the celebration dozens of Plant workers received well-earned awards, including Commendation Certificates of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, Rostech State Corporation, Techmash Scientific-Production Concern, Rostehnadzor, medals, diplomas and commendations of the Federal Service of Military-Technical Cooperation in honor of 100th anniversary of V.V. Bakhirev, Commendation Certificates of honor and thank-you letters from the administration of Vladimir Region and Murom District, and other awards.


     The attendees warmly greeted those staff members whose names were entered into the Book of Work Glory and in the Book of the Plant’s Young Activists this jubilee year, as well as the workers who received Plant Veteran badges. Winners of professional skill competitions of 2016 were greeted with warm applause and seated in the row of honor.


     The brass band that never misses any significant event again delivered a great performance for the occasion. Other performers included groups and soloists of Verbovsky Culture Club. They, too, have become an inalienable part of any celebration at the Plant. The show ended with the traditional performance of the song about the Plant sung by all the guests.


     The anniversary days were filled with many events dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Plant. The celebration ended with grandiose fireworks on Prokurorova Square, enjoyed by all employees of the enterprise and residents of Verbovskiy District. That night, hundreds of lights illuminated the clear evening sky, undoubtedly leaving bright and happy memories in the hearts of many hundreds of inhabitants of the local community.


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