JSC MAPP has restarted manufacturing of environmentally safe primers

    КВ-209Joint Stock Company Murom Apparatus Producing Plant has restarted manufacturing of primers of Berdan and Boxer types with environmentally safe composition.     

     The use of environmentally safe igniter composition permitted to solve three main tasks: 

     — Ignition capacity of environmentally safe igniter composition of igniting primers is on a par with fulminate detonator.

     — The rest of combustion products are much less in comparison with non-corrosive primers.

     — Combustion products of primer composition do not contain any components, which affect adversely to human health.    

     Primers containing environmentally safe composition when on firing do not emit any substances hazardous for human health: lead, sulfur dioxide, barium oxide, antimony oxide. Air pollution in the firing area decreases by tens and occurs only due to potassium carbonate and carbon oxide.

     This fact becomes particularly important and actual for shooters performing a large scope of firing practice in enclosed rooms.