The initiation facilities for the fire-fighting system

Starting devices for automatic fire-fighting station actuators

Electric starting device УП-3, УП-3-1, УП-3-2;
Electric starting device УП-3М;

Starting element ЭП-3;

Gas generating element starting ПП-3СП

Opening tools for locking devices

Starting device ПУО-2;
Starting device ПУО-2М;
Valve opening device УВК;
Gas-generating device УГ- КШ;
Gas-generating tablet Т- КШ;
Gas-generating device УГ-150;
Pneumatic initiator ПИ-2М

Pushers to move actuating devices

Pusher ПТ-2;
Pusher ПТ-5;
Pusher ПТ-12, ПТ-12М, ПТ-12МР;
Starting device УП-А, УП-Ар

Devices to ignite powder fire-extinguisher ejection charges

Electric activator ЭА-1;
Starting device of fire-extinguisher УЗО;
Self-starting device УЗО-2С;
Self-starting device for transport УЗО-2СT;
Starting device of fire-extinguisher thermostable УЗО-Т;
Starting device of fire-extinguisher thermostable transport УЗО-ТT;
Starting device of fire-extinguisher two-bridge thermostable transport УЗО2-ТT;
Electric starting device of fire-extinguisher ИО-1;
Electric initiator ЭИ-1М;
Electric activator…

Devices for aerosol-forming charge ignition

Pyrocartridge ПП-22М;
Two-bridge improved pyrocartridge УДП2-1Б;
Antihail pyrocartridge ПГПП;
Heat-resistant electric initiator ЭИ-2Т;
Starting element ЭП-ПГ;
Thermochemical element ЭТХ-1;
Activator ОДА;
Manual release unit УРП;
Manual release unit УРП-Т;
Combined release unit УКП-1
Ignition node УАП;
Thermocouple generator «Пурга-ТЭ-П1»

Devices for light and pyrotechnical products ignition

Electric spark igniter ЭВФ-1;
Electric spark igniter ЭВФ-11;
Tape element ЭЛ-20;
Electric spark igniter МФ-1

Fire-extinguishing elements

Fire-extinguishing elements
ЭП АПИС 28,5/0-60; ЭП АПИС 28,5/15-25; ЭП АПИС 55/14,5-42,5; ЭП АПИС 24,5/7-2;
Afterburner cartridge ОДА.2М.00.001;
Makeup cartridge ОДА.2М.00.002;
Gas-generating element ЭГ 18/0-20